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Jen Vondenbrink Life Simplified Business Solutions
Communication Matters

Welcome! Nearly 20 years ago, while working for Starbucks Coffee Company, I discovered coloring inside the lines isn't a formula for growth. I learned individuals and organizations need to challenge their comfort zones in order to grow. My passion then became creating awareness around current or conventional communication both inside and outside a company, identify what no longer works, and explore new ways to communicate. This passion blossomed into the Life Simplified for Business brand in 2007. Since starting this journey, I have helped companies and individuals, nationwide, ready for change, to grow their business by understanding how they communicate. Whether it is consulting with executives, training new managers or helping develop social media strategy, I challenge the status quo to move beyond what has been to what can be. My commitment to support the business community growth was recognized by the Tri-Town Chamber of Commerce and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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