Eight Apps for Your 2016 Goals

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When it came around to setting and tracking my 2015 goals, I turned to a couple of my favorite apps for support.  Here are my top picks. (Note: These are my personal opinions and not based on compensation)

2015 Goal – Lose Weight


Loseit - Goals 2015 Apps

Did you know the number one goal/resolution year after year is losing weight?

A weight loss success key is tracking what you eat.  I tried other trackers and found Loseit easy to use without being jammed with advertising.  The app is free, but there is also a paid premium version for $40.00 per year that allows for additional tracking and reporting.  Both are great values.  Also they are a local company based in Boston!





2015 Goals – Save More


2015 Goals Apps - Mint.com


Setting financial goals is also a smart thing to do. The Mint.com app allows you to set and monitor personal monthly budgets, as well as, track transactions if you connect your bank accounts. Online you can set up financial goals such as saving for vacation, a new car, or retirement.  It is free to use.





Quickbooks Online2015 Goals Apps - Quickbooks Online

The Quickbooks Online app allows you to have your books at your fingertips.  Send invoices, check on payments, review a customer’s account and even enter your receipts from your phone.  This app is free, but you do need a Quickbooks Online account to access the information.





2015 Goals Apps - Starbucks


Your morning coffee can be an overlooked expense that adds up.  I LOVE my Starbucks app because I load it at the beginning of the month with my coffee budget.  Throughout the month I use it to pay.  I stay within budget without having to juggle another loyalty card.  Plus I earn bonuses along the way.  The Starbucks App is free when you set up an account.



2015 Goals – Be More Productive


Evernote2015 Goals Apps - Evernote

There are a million productivity and note apps.  If productivity for you includes capturing notes, bookmarking articles, and even creating shopping lists, I highly recommend Evernote.  It is accessible on your computer and your phone, so you can capture ideas on your computer then have them with you on while on the go. There is a free version, as well as, premium versions ranging from $5-$10 per month.




GoTasks2015 Goals Apps - GoTasks

If you use Google Tasks, you might be looking for an app to access your to do’s on your phone.  GoTasks seems to be the easiest and fastest applications that brings Google Tasks to your mobile devices and it is free.





2015 Goals – Read More

Goodreads2015 Goals Apps - Goodreads

One of my personal goals is to read more.  I have started using Goodreads to track what I’ve read, what I want to read and find new books.  The app is easy to use and FULL of information.  If reading more is on your goals list, this is a great app to keep you motivated…and it’s free.




Audible2015 Goals Apps - Audible

I love a good audio book.  I listen to them while driving between appointment or at the gym.  Audible, a division of Amazon, has a great selection of books.  The Audible app is free but only for listenting.  You do need a paid Audible account.  There is a 30 day free trial and then it’s $14.95 per month after.




I’ve shared a few of my favorite apps.  What apps are keeping you focused on your goals in 2015?

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