Melting Layers

“When we dissolve something, the whole experience disappears.” ~ Louise Hay There’s Some Melting Going On This year we’ve had some record breaking snow.  With the warmer days, it’s nice to see some melting out there. The snow got me thinking about my personal development. Whether in business, emotionally or physically it is easy build Read more about Melting Layers[…]

All you need is the plan Earl Nightingale Quotes

Creating a Road Map

“All you need is the plan, a road map, and the courage to press to your destination.” ~ Earl Nightingale How are your 2015 goals coming along? To tell you the truth, I struggled lately. As I tell everyone in my goal setting workshops, this is normal. Anywhere between 2-6 months into changing a behavior you Read more about Creating a Road Map[…]


Where Do Your Customers Hang Out?

  Which Social Media Channel is Best? There are a bazillion inbound marketing channels.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused which one’s to use.  One of the biggest questions I get when facilitating social media classes is, “Which is the best site for (fill in the business) to use?”  My answer, “It depends.” It depends Read more about Where Do Your Customers Hang Out?[…]