Five Ways On How To Find Time To Blog

Of all the social marketing channels, blogging seems to be the most overwhelming. Why?  Because it involves the creative process.  No one, and I mean no writers are inspired by the blank page or screen.  Most will tell you that just getting their “buts in the seat” is the biggest challenge of being a writer. Read more about Five Ways On How To Find Time To Blog[…]


Goals: What Do You Really Want

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” ~ Henry David Thoreau What’s Bugging You? Have you ever had a pestering feeling about the future?  You know those, “Some day I’ll” or “Wouldn’t it be great to” thoughts always followed by a heavy sigh. Read more about Goals: What Do You Really Want[…]


32 Marketing Channels To Get Started

When I mention inbound marketing channels to my classes and clients, at first I get a blank stare.  Then I get a brave answer…Facebook?…note the question mark at the end. I’ve put together 32 marketing channels to get you started as you put together your inbound marketing plan. Inbound Marketing Channels Definition Inbound marketing channels Read more about 32 Marketing Channels To Get Started[…]