Things Are Good…Why Stress?

Stress On A Sunny Day It has been raining here in New England for over a week.  Today, however, it is beautiful.  I mean sunny, breezy, perfect.  The kind of day you want to head outdoors for a hike. And where am I?  Stuck behind my computer.  Ugh. I keep trying to chip away at Read more about Things Are Good…Why Stress?[…]

Should You Plant Tulips or Zucchini?

Snowy Tulips We’ve had a wonderful end to winter and early spring.  Then it snowed, April 4th.  My early-sprouting tulips were covered with several inches of snow.  Yuck! As we week progressed, we went from snow to rain and finally to sunshine.  You could feel the tulips shaking off the chill and re-positioning themselves to Read more about Should You Plant Tulips or Zucchini?[…]

Six Ideas for Social Media Marketing Goals

You set #goals every day. You get up at a 5:00am.  You exercise for an hour four days a week.  You get the kids to soccer on time.  Not to mention your business goals, financial goals and personal goals. But have you set your social media marketing goals? I’m not talking about just increasing your Read more about Six Ideas for Social Media Marketing Goals[…]