April 19, 2017

Building Effective Working Relationships – Plymouth, MA

This is a three part program: June 28th,  July 12th, July 19th

Teams who are effectively led contribute substantially to the overall success of the organization. Bringing together individuals with different skills, cultures and from different generations, however, is fraught with pitfalls. Today’s most successful leaders understand the dynamics of a forming team, how things are perceived cross culturally and how to communicate to and motivate four different generations in the workplace.

This comprehensive series provides participants the skills, tools and resources required to become effective team leaders and invaluable contributors. By identifying personal biases, individuals can better understand their co-workers, and then dive deep into understanding team dynamics, goal setting and how to lead their teams through change.

  • Participants will examine:
    Intricacies of team dynamics.
    Cultural and generational biases and how to work through them.
    Communication approaches with their team depending on their formation stage.
    How change affects a team and how to lead through change.
    Insights on being a better coach and leader by providing feedback and ongoing coaching.
    Setting team goals complete with milestones to support the team’s productivity within the organization.

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This training is provided by the Center for Corporate and Professional Education at Cape Cod Community College.


246 South Meadow Road, Plymouth, MA