June 7, 2017

Finding Inner Prosperity – Mastermind Group

Join a Unique Group To Grow Personally and Professionally

Finding Inner Prosperity Mastermind Group is a six month opportunity to join a Mastermind Group.

During these 90-minute sessions, individual participants will bring a personal or professional challenge to the group.  Through a process, the entire group will work together to better understand the issue and brainstorm solutions.

In the next session, the group will check in with each other to see how things are going, what works and what additional challenges they face.

Participants who join, face these challenges:

  • They are stuck in their current position and can’t seem to move past their obstacles.
  • They face difficult personality challenges at work and find it difficult to get guidance on the job.
  • They are a small business owner facing daily challenges of running their business, but have no one to guide them.
  • They are individuals who feel stagnant in their personal growth.

Commitment is to attend each session to not only share your challenges, but to support the group.

Cost: $99.00 per month.  Save 10% if paid in full.

Email To Join