May 8, 2017

Spring Into Summer Marketing – Capturing the Moment on Instagram – Mansfield, MA

Capturing the Moment on Instagram

With over 55% of Instagram users between the ages of 18-29, it is the place to engage your younger audience, but how do you do that?

Summer is a great time to capture the story of your business in pictures. In this workshop, participants will learn the importance of telling their story, how to do so in pictures and how to use Instagram to do it.

Participants will walk away with:

  • Knowledge of how to use Instagram.
  • Tools and resources to help them use Instagram for their business.
  • Inspiration on how to tell their story.

Who should attend?

Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Executive Directors, Marketing Directors, Marketing Coordinators, Social Media Managers, Social Media Coordinators.

Capturing the Moment on Instagram
280 School Street, Mansfield, MA 02048