June 8, 2015

Personal Branding

Find Your Story

Do you struggle to find your voice in your noisy 24/7 world?

Do you define yourself only through your job description?

Can you describe yourself in 8 words or less?

How about one word?

What do you want to be known for?

You are not alone if you struggled to answer these questions.

Everyone has a unique story.

Your story is what you are known for.  It is your reputation.  It sets you apart from others.

With all the demands on your attention, understanding and building your personal brand gets puts off until you are forced to think about it. In today’s competitive environment, however, you need to be able to clearly define your personal brand in writing, in person and especially online in order to stand out.

What if you could have a guide to take you through the process and walk away with a personal story linked to your definition of success?


Your Personal Branding Coach


Analyze, Strategy, Coaching

As your Personal Branding Coach we partner with you to analyze your current reputation, define what you would like it to be and implement a plan to get you there.

What Is the Process?

Working together, you gain an understanding of your strengths, core beliefs, and what holds you back. This thorough recognition of where you are and how you have gotten here helps us build a tailored plan to filter out the noise, showcase your unique abilities, and achieve your vision of success.

For approximately 2 months either in in person or phone sessions, we create an action plan and implementation strategy to project your brand through intentional thought, action, and behavior.  In addition you complete activities such as researching descriptive words, having offline conversations with trusted connections and updating online profiles.  These meaningful changes will be the catapult for your success.

By the end of our sessions you will:

Gain Focus

Develop Your Story

Create Your Personal Branding Statement or Marketing Statement

Develop a One Word Descriptor

Align Your Online Reputation and Presence with Your Personal Branding Statement

Learn How to Promote Your Personal Brand Offline

Create Your Definition of Success

Build Confidence


How Do You Define Success?

Understanding your personal brand allows you to define success in your terms.  When you understand what success means to you, doors open up to future opportunities, barriers disappear and goals are achieved.  Whether you define success as increased sales, new customers, landing that perfect job, etc. it all starts with your personal story…your brand.


Are you ready to find your story? Email us  to schedule an introductory meeting today.


Note from Jen Vondenbrink, owner of LS Business Solutions:

While working for Starbucks Coffee Company, I didn’t think about developing a personal brand.  It wasn’t until I left corporate and started my own business that I realized the power of a personal brand.  Today, it is even more important not just for job seekers and entrepreneurs to understand their personal brand, but also for those of you working in larger organizations.  Once you hone your message, you set yourself up for success beyond that of your peers.  If this resonates, email me and let’s talk.