June 8, 2015

Social Media Marketing

Think Differently about Social Media

Supporting your organization as you build your Inbound Marketing Structure


Are You Online For Your Business?

Do you have a clear understanding of your online presence?

Are you able to be found on Google, Yahoo, and Bing?

Do you have marketing space on the most popular social media sites where online consumers spend 21% of their time?

Do you know your target audience and where they frequent online?

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and hundreds more platforms are available to promote your business online and create inbound marketing leads at little or no cost to you.  What have you done online to stay top of mind and create relationships with your clients?


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is an evolving form of communication between you and your customers.  As your Social Media Marketing Consultants we support your organization from day one analyzing your online presence, identifying your social media goals and developing a customized marketing plan to engage new prospects and current clients on the platforms that are best.

Your Social Media Marketing Consultant In Action












Let’s say you are ready to commit to social media marketing.  Your Social Media Consultant can coach you through the hiring/promoting, onboarding and training of your new social media marketing manager or team.  If you aren’t that big yet, they work with you to asses knowledge gaps, establish an initial timeline and support you through the process.


Once you understand the training needed, your Social Media Marketing Consultant will put together a training program to meet your needs and budget. If your team requires training, we provide customized, in house programs.


While training is happening, your Social Media Marketing Consultant can coordinate with the LS Business Solutions staff to build and maintain your social platforms based on your emerging strategy.  This saves you time and money spent experimenting.  In addition your Social Media Marketing Consultant uses your own data to reinforce the training.  Once your team is ready, they hand over the reins, always there to lend a supporting hand as you move forward.

We Give You Only What You Need

We know social media can feel overwhelming.  That’s why you can pick and choose the services of your Social Media Marketing Consultant based on your needs.  Some clients work with us for years.  They begin by taking classes.  As their knowledge and confidence grows, they partner with a Social Media Marketing Consultant, to build a stronger strategy and set goals.

Ultimately we want to work ourselves out of a job.  It sounds crazy, but we would rather you and your organization fully understand your sustainable social media strategy, than do everything for you leaving you helpless at the end of the project.


Who’s Looking For You Right Now?

Statics say that 80-100% of consumers both B2C and B2B search for services, many like yours, every day online.  According to Neilsen, 92% of consumers trust peer recommendations when making a purchasing decision while only 58% trust information on websites.

With your next customer looking for you right now, don’t you want to be found in the most positive light? We will help you understand what social media is, what it is capable of, and how to increase your visibility online, keep your clients engaged and grow your business.


Email us today to help you develop your Social Media Plan.