Melting Layers

“When we dissolve something, the whole experience disappears.” ~ Louise Hay There’s Some Melting Going On This year we’ve had some record breaking snow.  With the warmer days, it’s nice to see some melting out there. The snow got me thinking about my personal development. Whether in business, emotionally or physically it is easy build Read more about Melting Layers[…]

Time To Celebrate!

“Change, however, small at first, must be affirmed, celebrated and built upon – which it cannot if you discount it.” ~ Marianne Williamson Celebrate Super Bowl! Wow what an amazing Super Bowl…that coming from a non-football fan who actually watched most of the game by herself no less. Unusual, I know. My favorite part is Read more about Time To Celebrate![…]

Eight Apps for Your 2016 Goals

Love My Apps When it came around to setting and tracking my 2015 goals, I turned to a couple of my favorite apps for support.  Here are my top picks. (Note: These are my personal opinions and not based on compensation) 2015 Goal – Lose Weight Loseit Did you know the number one goal/resolution year Read more about Eight Apps for Your 2016 Goals[…]

Thoughts and Actions

  Your 2015 Goals Start Today! Well it’s time for that fresh new start you promised yourself.  Today is when the rubber hits the road whether it’s January 1st, April 15th or the Fourth of July.  Are you ready? It’s pretty easy to sit around talking about how much you want a better relationship, to Read more about Thoughts and Actions[…]