What Is A Content Library?


“Content is the emotional and informational bridge between commerce and consumer.” ~ Jay Baer, President & Social Media and Content Marketing Strategist, Convince and Convert.


How Often Do I Need To Post?

It’s day one of my new social media strategy certificate program, and just like all the other classes, this is the hottest question of the day.

When I share the realities of what it takes to build relationships through content, everyone groans. They are instantly overwhelmed. I have a secret that can help.

Enter the Content Library

You have daily opportunities to collect content, whether it is a quick snap of something that caught your eye or a question from a customer.  Recognizing them as such and then having a place to put them is what you need to create a system to support your marketing.

Here’s how to build your library:

  1. Set up a Content Library Folder.
  2. In the folder create an Excel Workbook to hold links to sites.
  3. In the folder create a word doc to hold ideas. (Or you can create a separate worksheet in your Excel Document.)
  4. Set up a Content Library Album on your phone.
  5. Drag, drop or share photos to that album.

What to do every day:

  • Take one picture a day that represents a moment.  Don’t over think it.  Today’s picture was of my neatly organized desk because it really made me happy.  Oh and if you take more than one picture, yeah!
  • As you read articles throughout the day, when one inspires you, copy the link and put it into your Excel Articles Worksheet.
  • Listen to your customers and clients.  Jot down their questions.  Enter them into your Ideas sheet.

Even before you need to post anything, you already have several pieces to choose from.  In my next blog, we’ll talk about what to do with all this juicy content.