Curating Your Life

curating your life

“The truth is, it’s okay to curate your life…We make choices every day that limits our exposure to things (or people) that are frustrating, confusing or unpleasant…” ~ Matt Gemmell

Curating Your Life

I hear myself saying how busy I am, if not to others to myself…a lot.  It stresses me out. I add the caveat, “it’s all good,” but to be honest, it doesn’t feel good all the time. There are times when I look at my calendar and feel like I can’t breath.  Then when I get some breathing room, I either collapse or fill it with a lot of other to do’s.

What Is Curating?

This got me to thinking about the concept of curating your life.  To curate means to
“select, organize and look after the items in a collection”

Aren’t our lives a collection? A collection of people, things, appointments, to do’s.  What if we were more selective of what we brought into our lives?  And when we brought something or someone new into our lives, we first considered how we would look after our new acquisition.

I’m not good at doing this, especially at work. I love the idea of a new project. It excites me to think about new concepts. Unfortunately I don’t always consider the time it will take to produce or see to completion each project.  Then my life becomes a bit lopsided.

Reviewing Your Collections

What if you began to think of your life as precious collections of hours, things and people? Collections you needed to look after. Would you make some different choices?

At the end of this week, I am going on vacation. During this time, I plan to revisit my “collections” to see what is valuable enough to keep and which I must let go.

When we streamline our collections which include our responsibilities, relationships, online activities, possessions, things become clearer.

This week, notice the different collections you have in your life. Are you looking after each one?  If even the thought causes you to hyperventilate, then I say it is time for you to do come simplifying like I am so you can become the supreme caretaker of your own life.


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