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“Anticipated, personal, and relevant advertising always does better than unsolicited junk.” ~ Seth Godin

January First

Every January, I unsubscribe from email lists I deleted more than read throughout the year.  My thought is, if they become relevant again, I can always resubscribe. At least for the moment, my inbox becomes a little cleaner.

What makes these emails irrelevant is 

  1. They become all about the sale and less about the content.
  2. They begin to deliver content I never wanted.
  3. They come way too frequently.

I don’t think I am alone in these thoughts.  Your list may be slightly different, but at the core, the emails don’t resonate with our needs.

Junk Advertising Everywhere

Over the holidays, I always get sucked in to regular cable television.  After each Hallmark Channel movie, I think, what a waste. So many of the same commercials over and over. By the end of the season, I’m relieved to return to my Apple TV, Netflix and PBS.  No more on air junk advertising.

Another example, ads on Facebook. All I want to see are my friend’s posts, not some great new software to make my life easier. So, I rarely look at my news feed.  Instead I go to their page. Bang! The information I wanted without ads.

What am I getting at here?

We have been at a cross-roads now for several years regarding advertising and marketing. No one wants what is unsolicited junk. They want relationships. In order for us to build a relationships, you must be relevant.

What does this mean?

It means instead of focusing on how great your product or service is, focus on me. Let me get to know you. Engage with me, but in a personal basis. Oh and if I don’t engage back, then step aside.

Interruption Marketing

Many believe for businesses to reach new customers you must interrupt them. This means ads in social media feeds, unsolicited emails, emails deviating from the original promise, or emails every five minutes.

Interruption marketing becomes noise when it is not relevant. In order to be relevant you need to speak the language of your audience, and solve their problems. You have to be willing to invest in the relationship.

One person I spoke to recently summed it up this way. They had seen a company’s feature and benefit ads on Facebook for weeks. They never took action because they were not relevant. Right before the holidays there was an ad featuring the owners of the company. They talked about why they do what they do. This message resonated with my friend. She related to the owners. She felt connected. Luckily enough, she was also in the market for their product. Bingo…Sale!

The ad that got her attention was about building relationships, not selling. When you build relationships, there will be people who are attracted to you and others will not. This is a self selection process. Those attracted are your target market. Those not, are not. It’s simple.

This week

Notice what ads you are attracted to. Review your email newsletters. Which do you read? Which do you delete? Then ask yourself why. If you are keeping the emails as reference, you can probably find the information on the web.

Use this information to reflect on your own marketing.  Are you building relationships or sending out junk?



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