Seven Ways to Enjoy Vacation as A Small Business Owner


Vacation: A Dirty Word

For most small business owners, vacation is a dirty word.  “How can you take time away from your business?” they ask me.  “Aren’t you afraid something will happen?”

Business owners, like anyone, need time away.  The adrenaline rush is very addictive, however.  One of the purposes of vacation is to decompress.  This can strike the fear into someone who’s always on the go.

Here are ten ways business owners can enjoy vacation:

  1. Let Your Customers Know – If you plan your vacation in advance you have an opportunity to let your current customers know when you’ll be away.  This way you can set them up for success while you are gone.
  2. Unique Out Of Office – Set an Out Of Office reply that let’s the person know who they can contact in case of emergency.
  3. Virtual Assistance – Whether you use a Virtual Assistant or not, consider hiring one for when you’re on vacation.  Provide them with information and they can answer incoming questions while you’re gone.  Even better they can schedule appointments for your return.
  4. Get A Sub – Build a relationship with peer.  Learn about each other’s businesses.  Then make plans to cover for each other while on vacation.
  5. Schedule Check-Ins – If you have to take work with you, schedule specific times you’ll check email, return calls or contact the office.  After that return to vacation with peace of mind.
  6. Leave Technology At Home – Leave your laptop and other devices at home.  If you get work email on your phone, consider deleting the account for the time you are gone to avoid checking it.
  7. Vacation Beyond Technology – Yes there are still places where you can’t get wireless or a phone signal.  If you really want to get away, plan a trip to a remote location.

Relax.  You’re On Vacation

Relaxing while on vacation doesn’t always mean sitting around doing nothing.  Relaxing may mean exploring new sites, visiting relatives or trying a new sport.

What it does mean is disconnecting from your day to day routine.  Once you return from your time away, you’ll find yourself refreshed and ready to tackle what’s in front of you.

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