September 29, 2017

Managing Priorities and Time to Boost Productivity – Orleans, MA

In today’s 24/7 world, it is more important than ever to understand how to use manage time in order to be more productive. High performing individuals are able to tackle challenges, streamline systems and minimize stress. In this series, participants will reframe their notions of how to manage time. By understanding topics such as procrastination, prioritization and workload, employees are better able to handle what is before them and communicate what is working and where they may require assistance.

Participants will examine:

Differences between controllable and uncontrollable barriers to time management.

Tools that will best help them manage their time such as calendars and checklists.
True meaning of a priority.

Value of having a plan in place when facing competing priorities.

Ways to communicate workload challenges to others as well as track performance results throughout the year.

This training is conducted in partnership with The Center for Corporate and Professional Education at Cape Cod Community College.


44 Main Street, Orleans, MA 02653