Are Excuses Distracting You From Success?

Are Excuses Distracting You From Success? LS Business Solutions Jen Vondenbrink

“In asking for miracles…We’re not asking for something outside us to change, but for something inside us to change.” ~ Marianne Williamson


One of my intentions this year is to continue to improve my health so last month I started working with a Health Coach.

Internal Distractions…More Commonly Called Excuses

After embarking on this journey last year, I realized I had a lot to change inside in order to change on the outside. All my excuses about not going to the gym or that it was okay to have an extra helping of mashed potatoes because it was a busy day, were all old tapes I have been playing for years.

I needed someone to help me see the unconscious web in which I was tangled.

What about your goals this year? Do you know what’s distracting you from success?

This week pull out your goals. Stay aware when you take action toward them and when you make excuses. No matter how logical the excuses seem, are you distracting yourself because of old tapes? If you see a regular pattern, maybe it’s time you thought about who can help you. Who can you be accountable to besides yourself, in a healthy way? Who can give you supportive feedback to help you break long held cycles?

I work with clients all week helping them with their business goals. I’m just glad I smartened up and found someone to help me.