14 Creative Holiday Marketing Ideas


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Don’t Put Your Holiday Marketing Off Any More

If you haven’t gotten your holiday marketing plan in gear, it’s time.  Some might even say it’s late.

I know it feels daunting to think about the holidays with all you have on your plate so I put together a few ideas to help you get started.

Holiday Marketing Ideas

1. Cross-Promote with Other Businesses

If you belong to a networking group, chamber or business association, connect with another business and offer to exchange coupons, feature each other on social media, or create a combined offer.

2. Have a Special Holiday Night (Day or even Brunch)

Depending on your business it could be a special shopping night, customer appreciation night, or special visitor (hint…Santa) might be stopping by.  Offer festive snacks and drinks.

3. Make Your Own Holiday

Everyone gets busier the closer you get to the holiday, so what about your own holiday?  Gingerbread House Baking Saturday or Breath Easy Sunday after the holidays are over.

4. Opt Out of Black Friday

REI started this idea.  Instead of begging customers to come in on Black Friday, encourage them to spend the time with family and friends.

5. Send Helpful Emails Just For The Holidays

What do your customers need?  What do they come to you for?  Over the course of 4-6 weeks consider sending out specific emails to help your customers either find the best gifts or even a holiday survival guide.

6. Engage Your Audience in Sharing What They Are Thankful For

Reach out to your audience through social media, by email, by snail mail, or even in person.  Have them share what they are thankful for.  Then you post their sayings.  Even better have them post them on social media, tag you and use a specific hashtag.

7. Don’t Forget The Pets

Celebrate your customers pets by offering free stocking stuffers or treats for their furry friends.

8. Create a MicroSite to With Resources

If the email suggestion seems overwhelming, what if you designed a microsite with helpful resources for your customers.  Even just a dedicated webpage is great.  It’s the content that counts.

9. Share Other Local Businesses Marketing Materials

Even if you don’t officially partner with other businesses, think about sharing their stuff with your customers.  You should slip their materials into their shopping bag at check out, or just talk about what’s going on in the neighborhood.

10. Send Holiday Cards…Not At The Holidays

If it is a tradition to send customers holiday cards, why not choose Thanksgiving, New Years or even Halloween this year as something different.

11. Holiday Cards With A Surprise

Your customers get a lot of holiday cards.  Make yours stand out by including a gift card, packet of seeds, bookmark, or something small that represents your business.  You will definitely be remembered.

12. Take Care Of Your Customers

Provide additional seating for tired shoppers, something unexpected to nibble on, a new play corner for the kids, or even chair massage.  They will appreciate the extra efforts.

13. Giveaway Something Useful

There will be a bunch of opportunities for your customers to receive “stuff” from other businesses, but what if you gave them something they can really use during the holiday season such as tape, gift tags, ribbon, tissue paper, markers, etc.

14. Have a 12 Days Of Christmas Special

Feature different items over the course of 12 days through email, social media, and in person conversations.  It is a great way to integrate both digital and traditional marketing.

If you haven’t noticed a theme, the key is not to shout buy my stuff, but be interested in your customers, care for them. Therefore, if you can surprise and delight them during the holidays, you may make them customers well into the new year!

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