It’s Time To Plan Your Holidays!

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“The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations.” ~ Roy H. Williams


The Holiday Plan

Nearly 20 years ago, my sister an I got the brilliant idea to plan the big events for the holidays.  There were so many things we wanted to do with my young nephews between November and December. Trying to just fit did not work.

Each year in September or October, we sit down and do our holiday plan.  I know it sounds early, but this is what we’ve learned.

When you are so far ahead of the holidays, finding days and times to do things like bake Christmas cookies, volunteer for a holiday donation organization or make our traditional favorites is easy.  There is no stress and they are on the calendar.

We have an unspoken rule; dates can change.  Most of the time, however, we work around what is already there.

By building a holiday plan, we can be present with the kids and enjoy the season.  What’s not to love!

Your Marketing Holiday Plan

The same goes for your holiday marketing plan.  Honestly, it should be done well before October, but, hey, if this is the first time you’ve thought of it, the holidays aren’t here yet.

Whether you are a regular business or non-profit, thinking through your plan before the mad rush is crucial.

Just like a regular marketing plan, you start with your goal and work backwards.  By thinking about this now, you have the opportunity to create and curate information for your audience.

Before, During and After the Holidays

Your plan should include how you can build relationships with your customers before the holidays.  Providing special VIP Clubs, opportunities to get email only discounts, or general surviving the holiday tips are examples of how you might build relationships with new and existing customers.

During the holiday season, time is precious.  Your message needs to change.  It needs to be short, clear and provide an obvious benefit.  To stand out from the competition, think about what your customer really needs during this time and try to share content to support these needs.

Before and during the holidays you may have built new relationships.  It is important to continue to stay in touch with them after the holidays so you need a plan for that too.  If your social media marketing efforts have been inconsistent, this is the perfect inspiration to build more relevant and consistent content in the coming year.

Take The Time

The time you invest in your holiday plan will pay off.  Depending on where you start, you might not see all the results you want this year, but by next year you will be a rock star!

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