How I Integrate Social Media Into My Day

integrate social media into your day


A Crazy Day

Today was one of those days.  Up at 4:00am.  Out by 6:00am.  Not home again until 7:00pm.  How’s a person supposed to keep up on Social Media?

Here’s a real life account of how I kept up on my social media during a normal busy day.

4:30am Check email.  Respond to 1 urgent email.

6:50am Check email, Facebook, and Twitter on train.  Respond accordingly.  Post to two business pages all using my phone.

7:45am Write a draft of a blog post before 1st meeting while having coffee.

8:30am Schedule 3 posts on client Facebook Page

9:30am Meeting

12:00pm Check email, Facebook, Twitter. Answer messages on Facebook and email.  Respond to Tweets.  Post 2 posts to business page and ReTweet some fun information on phone while on train to next meeting.

1:00pm Meeting

3:00pm Outline 1 blog post.  Reply to email, Facebook messages and comments, Tweets and LinkedIn emails.

4:00pm Review notes for evening class.

5:00pm Prepare and then conduct class.

7:30pm Get home and put my feet up.

Throughout the day I had scheduled a few posts about upcoming workshops and a few blog articles.

Social media becomes part of my working day.  It’s how I communicate with my community of clients, future clients and friends.  The key to being consistent is not to think of it as a stand alone activity.  It should be part of your integrated activities during the day.

When you are able to include social media into your day, you stop “doing social” and start communicating.