How Can I Get More Customers Using Social?

“Where is the best place to hide a body? Page 2 of Google.” ~ @crestodina


How Can Potential Customers Find Me?

Isn’t that why we market?  We hope our efforts inspire new customers to step up.

Marketing has changed…but buying hasn’t.  People want to trust the person, company, brand they buy from.  In the past, you focused on getting your message to a wide audience as often as possible.

That doesn’t work today.  To build trust, you need to demonstrate you know your customers.  You do this through building community.  You do that through being of service.

When you potential customer has a problem, the first place they go to is Google.  They type in their question.  If you provide online content to help them, they will find you.  If you don’t, you may end up on page 2 of Google or beyond…never to be seen.

What Does Your Potential Customer Want From You?

To meet your potential customer needs, you need to know what they are.  Here are some ways of finding out:

  • Listen and capture customer questions.  Use these to find and create content.
  • Ask your existing customers.  Why did they choose you?  Find out.
  • Research.  Check out the magazines your customers would buy.  The content and ads are clues.

Are You Looking At Your Insights or Analytics?

Next, you need to regularly look at your Insights and Analytics.

What are they telling you?  If people engage; liking, commenting, sharing, you are connecting.  If they aren’t engaging, you missed the mark.

Your Insights and Analytics will tell you what content is important to your audience.  Here are some metrics to consider monitoring.

  1. Reach – this is how many people had the opportunity to see a post.  The higher your reach the higher the potential of new customers seeing your stuff.
  2. Engagement – are your followers liking, commenting and sharing?  If not, you aren’t sharing information important to them.  Pay attention to what content they do respond to and build from there.
  3. Mentions – how frequently are people tagging you in a post.  The more they mention you, the more likely they feel connected to your community.
  4. Referrals – how many people are going from your social media channel to your website?  You can check this in Google Analytics or your website analytics.
  5. Employee Engagement – are your employees engaging with your social media platforms?  Consider creating a company-wide hashtag for them to use to post original content.

Provide Helpful Content. Be of Service. Grow Your Business

When you regularly look at your Insights and Analytics, you understand what your audience wants.  With that information you can build a community that trusts, refers you and ultimately buys from you.

I like these simple steps that I came across in a BuzzSumo article.  Although they are talking about larger research, you can apply these simple steps to your own Insights and Analytics.

Search for your most successful posts.

Ask what they have in common.

Apply and evaluate (post similar topics and see how they do)



If you are unsure of the different measurements, specifically in Facebook, download our Facebook Cheat Sheet (Infographic) to understand the top four.

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