Is SEO Magic?


SEO (search engine optimization) seems like magic to most business owners.  They don’t understand it, but love when they are the top of page one in a Google search.

For many it’s like watching a magician pull a rabbit out of a top hat.  You don’t understand it, but are amazed at the results.

In the past, and even sometimes today, some SEO experts acted like magicians employing tricks to get your website to the top of Google.  Today however algorithms know the SEO magician tricks.  They can see the slide of hand.  When they do they pull out those websites from the search.


Pulling Back The Curtain

According to Natasha Clark in The Guardian, the days of “sites stuffed with keywords, duplicated content and manipulated hyperlinks ” are over.  It’s now incumbent on the inbound marketer and business owner to focus on keywords with in their content.  Then distribute it through channels where their audiences hang out.

Keywords will bring the audience to the site, but search engines will only index sites with quality, original and relevant content.  For those of us small business owners that means we need to think more about the content than just keywords.


How To Authentically Attract New Customers Through Inbound Marketing

If you are a small business owner who wants to attract new customers to your company using inbound marketing or content marketing, here are some things to consider:

  • Write or find content interesting to your potential customer.
  • Use words your customers use to search for solutions your product or service offers.
  • Don’t use industry or company language.  For example if you work for Starbucks you are a “partner” not an employee.  No one is looking for “what is it like being a partner at Starbucks?”  They are searching “what is it like being an employee at Starbucks?” Or even better “What is it like to work at Starbucks?”  That single phrase will get you more traffic than the other two.
  • Use tools like the WordPress plugin by Yoast to help you put your keywords in places they will be seen by people and search engines.  The Yoast plugin will also tell you when you’ve over used a word.  Love that.
  • Remember people search not just words but phrases.

Don’t Be A SEO Magician

So don’t be a magician when it comes to SEO.  Someone will always see through your trick.  Instead focus on quality, relevant content.  Post it consistently and share it in places your customers hang out.  This will not only build your SEO, but customer loyalty as well.