Do I Need a Marketing Plan?


60% of the most effective B2C marketers have a documented strategy – Content Marketing Institute

With a documented content strategy, producing a variety of engaging content for customers will be easier.  This is a great marketing tactic that should be absorbed – and acted on. – Neil Patel


Working Without a Marketing Plan

I’m a planner…not obsessive.  Still, I like a plan.  I’m more productive when I know what has to go out when.

Over the last 12 months, I neglected my marketing plan.  Blogs, emails, social media posts, etc. were haphazard.  My excuse for my haphazard blogs, emails, social media posts, etc., maybe like yours, was no time.

Looking back, I realize how many opportunities I missed.  That does not count the opportunities I wasn’t aware passed right by.

Was I Effective?

Because I wasn’t creating content on a regular basis according to a marketing plan, everything seemed to take me so long.  Writing a blog was painful.  Finding a couple articles to share on social media, agonizing.

So, I can relate when you tell me how long content takes you and you just don’t have time to work on your marketing.

In reality, I was wasting time. Putting up content not connected to a goal oriented plan was like talking to myself.  It might make me feel good for the moment, but it wasn’t going to make a difference in my business.

The Best Time Investment – Building Your Marketing Plan

I am back to building and implementing my marketing plan. You know what?  It takes me less time now to get things done than it did last year.  Best time investment….ever!


Because, I know what articles, content for blogs, pictures, etc. need to go where and when.

I also have time to interact with my network which I rarely did last year.

My Advice

If you don’t have even a simple marketing plan, stop what you are doing and get something in writing.

Start by figuring out what you want to post for the next month.  Don’t forget to plan time to create, curate and schedule the content.  By the end of this exercise, you will feel on top of the world.

Try this for a few months. See how it feels.  From there you can deepen your plan.

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