Melting Layers


photo: MA Office of Tourism via Creative Commons License on Flickr

“When we dissolve something, the whole experience disappears.” ~ Louise Hay

There’s Some Melting Going On

This year we’ve had some record breaking snow.  With the warmer days, it’s nice to see some melting out there.

The snow got me thinking about my personal development. Whether in business, emotionally or physically it is easy build up layers for protection. Unfortunately like the snowbank outside, it provides what you think is solid ground, that is until you sink into a soft spot.  My dog found that out the hard way.

Dissolving Means Disappearing

On February 9th the City of Boston Tweeted that they were melting over 400 tons of snow an hour to make room for the next storm.  Just like Boston, if we want to eliminate our protective layers, we need to melt or dissolve them.  We don’t need gigantic machinery to do this.  All we need is a good therapist, coach or friend. Someone with whom we can honestly and safely share our stuff.  By shedding those layers you find solid ground. From there you can truly soar.

This week as you watch the snow melting, think about the layers you might have built up physically or emotionally. Take a lesson from the snow, start to slowly dissolve some of those layers. You don’t want to do it all at once because you will flood, like the basement. Instead be gentle with yourself and choose to focus on one layer at a time.

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