The Power of No

power of no
No, is the most powerful word in our vocabulary.”  ~ Octavia Spencer

Power of No

I have written before about the Power of No when it comes to others and setting boundaries, but it is also a powerful word when it comes to ourselves.

I’m not talking about punishing ourselves.  Instead, I am talking about telling ourselves no when it comes to self deceit.  The most universal, and what I spend a lot of time talking about in my Time Management courses, is our self deceit about time.

The Realities of Time

How often do you plan to do 12 things when realistically you can only fit in three. When did it become ok to work so often that becomes our norm and we don’t have time for family, friends or even care for ourselves?  How did our workload become so overwhelming? What happened to the 9-5 job?

It all stems from the inability to say no.

You may be in a position where you can’t say no to your manager or boss, but have you tried?

Communicating Your Workload

I don’t mean the whining about having too much to do.  I mean logically putting your workload in front of your boss and discussing what realistically can and can’t be done.  It may feel uncomfortable, but without this discussion there is a false assumption on both parts you can and will meet unrealistic deadlines.

This week, pay attention to your daily schedule. How much do you assume you can get done in a day? How much do you actually get done in a day? How do you feel when you leave the day with a to do list half done?  Wouldn’t it feel great to get what you planned done completed?

You can…it all starts with the word no.

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