Yes, Social Media Can Work For Your Business Too


I hear this all the time, “Social media wouldn’t work for my business,” or “You do this for a job, but it would never work for my business.”

I know that changing how you do things can be difficult and down right scary at times.  If you want to grow your business, you can’t sit on your laurels.  You have to be willing to change, adapt and try new things.

That’s why I wanted to share this Forbes article: Myth Busted: My Industry Isn’t A Good Fit For Social Media.

The article has brief cast studies of how a dentist, plumber, and even a cupcake business without a website used social media to grow their business.

“Regardless of your niche or industry, your customers or clients are on social media: it’s just up to you to figure out which platforms they’re using, and how best to reach them.”

Just recently I coached one client on a couple things they could do on a regular basis and they increased their traffic by 400%.  If these businesses and my clients can do it, so can you.

Love to hear your success stories.  What do you do successfully on social media?  Let us know on Facebook.




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