Six Ideas for Social Media Marketing Goals

You set every day.

You get up at a 5:00am.  You exercise for an hour four days a week.  You get the kids to soccer on time.  Not to mention your business goals, financial goals and personal goals.

But have you set your social media marketing goals?

I’m not talking about just increasing your followers.  I’m talking about small baby step goals to build relationships and ultimately your business.

Many businesses put up their social media profiles like they are putting an ad in the yellow pages.  It doesn’t work that way.  Just because you have a website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile or Twitter account doesn’t mean people will find you and ultimately buy from you.

You need to set goals.  Goals help you focus your activities.  Without them, you’re doomed to waste tons of time floating around the internet.

What type of goals should you set?

Social media marketing is all about the engagement.  Ask, “how can I engage or even get to know some of my fans, followers and friends better?”

Here are some ideas to get started, but I’d love to hear your goals as well.

  • Send a personal direct message to 5 followers/friends/fans per week.  These aren’t the auto generated messages “Thanks for following.”  Take some time and look over their profile.  Then write a personal sentence for each.
  • Write or find more articles about things your connections care about.  How do you know?  Look back over previous posts and see which ones got the most likes or shares.  Set a goal of so many articles per week or month.  Then track engagement.
  • Engage 5 followers/friends/fans in a one off conversation.  Reach out and ask them a question. Ask them about their business.  Do a little research and then start a conversation either in their feed or as a direct message.
  • Offer 5 people you don’t know some assistance per week. Using Twitter Search or Facebook Search “listen” for questions you can help with.  Then offer that help.  No strings attached.
  • Find 1-3 blogs where your customers hang out and make one comment per week on each blog.
  • Meet 1-3 new followers/friends/fans for coffee – offline if possible.

The conversation just starts with social media. These small easy to implement goals will lead to increased relationships, engagement and ultimately business.

What goals do you set for your social media marketing?  Let’s get this conversation started over on Facebook!

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