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Social Media Trends 2016

For my classes, I integrate a social media trends section.  It is important to link what they are learning to the bigger picture. What I’ve done for you is summarize some of the information I researched from Forbes, Social Media Today, HubSpot, Social Media Examiner, Pew Research Center, and Huffington Post for 2016.



You know mobile is important.  But did you know in 2015, for the first time, mobile traffic to Google in the US overtook desktop traffic?  Oh and don’t forget mobile also includes wearable technology.

When you have a mobile presence, you are in your audience’s pocket at all times. To quote John Rampton of Entrepreneur, “The Future is Handheld.” If they need to reach you, you are just a click away.  A mobile friendly presence includes your social profiles, website, and online listings.


Engagement – Relationship Marketing

Most people get information and news from the internet.  With the increased competition for audience, it is important you distinguish yourself from your competition.  In 2016 the best way to do this is by engaging with your audience. This doesn’t mean you spam your social media audience or use them as an ATM every time you need to increase sales or donation as Beth Kanter put it so well.  You need to engage with them live, as well as, through the written word, pictures and video.

Your audience wants to feel like they have exclusive privileges.  They want to feel special.  With the rise of Periscope in 2015 and Facebook’s Mentions audiences have more access to those they follow.  This is going to increase in 2016.  It’s taking the all important engagement factor and multiplying it.

Ultimately these folks because your volunteer sales force spreading what you do to their contacts and beyond.


Time Limited Content

in 2015 Snapchat brought a unique perspective to the marketing technique of limited supply through their disappearing posts.  Time limited content is a new social media trend that I believe will rise in 2016.  Think about it, special offers to a select audience that disappear or behind the scenes Snaps that live for only 24 hours.


Digital Assistants – The Changing Nature of Search

You don’t think twice about asking Siri for directions while driving or to find your favorite movie on iTunes.  What does this mean for your business?.  People searching for you don’t have to look at a screen today to get the information they need.  In 2016 you need to make sure that your online presence is up to date and has the information people can easily find using a digital assistance. For example, is your address easy to find and readable by a search engine on your website?  Do you have a Google places listing?  Is it correct?  All the little things matter to digital assistants being able to find correct information.

Beyond digital assistants, people are using social channels as search engines to find important information, especially if it is timely.  You are much more likely to get up to the minute information on Twitter or Facebook than you would by Googling or waiting for the television to pick it up.


Create – Curate – Distribute – Automate – Measure

In order to keep up with the flow of information, it will be extremely important to set in place solid systems to create, curate, distribute and automate your content.  Your audience is savvy.  They know when you set it and forget it.  Once  you have those systems in place, it will be important to monitor their progress, and readjust to meet your audience needs.

Just a word on headlines and calls to action.  In 2016, you need to pay attention to these more than ever.  What has worked in the past isn’t going to be compelling enough to engage your audience now.  Spend as much time crafting your headline as your call to action and you will see better results.



I can’t complete this list without mentioning visual content is still an important social media trends.  Your social media strategy needs to address taking advantage of the visual components of your platforms, as well as, using visual only platforms.


As you plan for 2016, consider doing a social media audit.  Find out which of these trends you have down and which need a little more tightening.  Integrate this important information into the initial stages of your plan.






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