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Text: The Next Marketing Frontier

Text marketing is already here. You may already be receiving notifications such as your pizza delivery  (think Domino’s commercial) or, my favorite, your Amazon package has arrived.  You might even receive messages as you get close to your favorite store about their daily specials.

Studies show, and so has your own behavior, you open your texts 98% of the time.  That is gold for marketers.  All you need to do is get your connections phone numbers and…

Whoa…hold on there…you have to think about some things before you start firing off texts to your potential customers.

Honor Their Space…Or Else

Unlike any of the other marketing channels, the personal nature of landing on someone’s personal feed requires not only permission from the person, but their trust.  Mess up just once, and you are gone.  Worse than that you could be fined for spamming.

Consumers do not have the patience on text to put up with a lot of spam the way they do on Facebook or in an email.

Be Transparent

The best rule of thumb for text marketing is transparency.  Be transparent with:

  • Permission – get their okay before you send anything.
  • Content – let them know exactly what they will receive.
  • Frequency – tell them how often you will text.

What’s The Pay Off

When you clearly state the above and get their ok, you then can start your campaign.  Remember you need to honor your promises.

The pay off comes with unequaled loyalty and the flexibility to reach out to your customers when they are close by, for special promotions, or even just to stay in touch.

Here’s a great infographic with all you need to know about text marketing.

text marketing statistics

photo credit: slicktext.com


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