Thoughts and Actions


Your 2015 Goals Start Today!

Well it’s time for that fresh new start you promised yourself.  Today is when the rubber hits the road whether it’s January 1st, April 15th or the Fourth of July.  Are you ready?

It’s pretty easy to sit around talking about how much you want a better relationship, to lose 10 lbs, or to reach your financial goals.  It’s also pretty easy on a day like today to jump up and get to work. Believe me, I’ve done my share of wishing and hoping.

Then a couple weeks goes by and suddenly I find myself back where I started.  All those new routines I promised I would start to take a back seat to every day life.

Ensure Your Success: Thoughts and Actions

Here are two things that can help.

First look at your thoughts.  Are they consistently supporting your new habits?  Because most of your thoughts are automatic, you don’t realize old thoughts creeping your daily routine sabotaging your efforts snapping you back into old habits.  Since they represent what you’ve always done, they feel normal.

When you start to think differently you mess with what’s normal.  Things start to feel uncomfortable, and a bit chaotic.  Your first instinct is to get back to normal.

So…pay attention to every thought.  Notice which support your new habits and which do not.  Keep the new thoughts front and center as much as possible.

Second, are you taking action?

Maybe you did today because it was new and exciting.  What about tomorrow or next month?  As soon as you start to feel uncomfortable, it’s easy to not take action, or make excuses.

Let me give you a tip from my goal workshops.  At the beginning of the day write down three small actions you can take toward your goals. Keep them in front of you all day.  Check them off when they are done.  Then repeat.

By taking three small actions a day, every day, that’s 90 actions toward your goal in a month, 1,095 actions in year.  It’s a pretty sure thing that over one thousand actions will deliver something pretty special.

It’s Not Impossible

Reaching your goal is absolutely possible.  What do you say are you ready to think some positive thoughts and take a couple actions today?