Time To Celebrate!

Celebrate Change | Marianne Williamson quotes | LS Business Solutions

“Change, however, small at first, must be affirmed, celebrated and built upon – which it cannot if you discount it.” ~ Marianne Williamson

Celebrate Super Bowl!

Wow what an amazing Super Bowl…that coming from a non-football fan who actually watched most of the game by herself no less. Unusual, I know.

My favorite part is watching the winning player’s faces. They are a mix of awe, excitement and disbelief. You can’t help but smile.

Winning the Super Bowl just doesn’t happen. The players prepared for that moment all of their lives. Malcom Butler visualized himself making an amazing catch. Little did he know it would be the interception that would win the game.

How are you preparing for your own Super Bowl?

Celebrate You!

Working toward your goals and dreams is no different from the Patriots training for the Super Bowl. Can you say you put in the same amount of effort? Are you practicing every day? Are you visualizing your success? Are you celebrating your small wins then affirming and building on them?

Or, are you discounting what you do or want, numbly moving through the day getting stuff done, but that’s about it.

This week I want you to catch a bit of the winning Super Bowl spirit. Review your goals, intentions and dreams. Then build a training plan for yourself. Find the resources you need to win.

Tom Brady didn’t play against the SeaHawks alone. He worked with the rest of the Patriots players and coaches to sharpen his skills, build a plan then put it into play.

Are you ready to do the same?