Value is in the Eye of Your Customers


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Value, Is Not About You

“Buy our stuff because it’s good for you,” could be a mantra for marketing and advertising pre-social media.  Things are different now.

Small business owners tell me they are frustrated because people aren’t jumping off their Facebook page and making their phone ring.  When I look at what they post, there’s nothing to encourage even me, who knows them and already likes them, to jump up and grab the phone.

Their posts scream, “It’s all about us.  We know best.  Buy our stuff.”

Granted, you probably do know what’s best, but if you aren’t adding what I perceive as value, I’m moving on…and so are a lot of other people.

How To Add Value…An Easy Solution

Your customers are looking for solutions to their problems.  They may even be looking for some entertainment.  Most of all they are looking for some way to build a relationship with you.  Once they feel connected, they are more likely to pick up the phone.

An easy way to begin to add value is to answer their questions.


  1. For the next week make a list of all the questions you get.  Don’t discriminate. Even if they seem simple, write them down.
  2. At the end of the week pick the three easiest questions to answer.
  3. Write a blog post, Facebook Note or even just answer the question on your Facebook page.
  4. Do this for each one.
  5. As people comment, follow-up with them first on Facebook and then take it off the platform and talk with them in person.
  6. Continue with the next three questions.

By answering their questions online you create a visible way of adding value.

Most people who try this exercise realize pretty quickly their potential customers usually want the same type of information.  Posting about it, they are more likely to find you. So will others.

Keep It Simple.  Be of Service.  Add Value.

Switch out the old marketing mantra and replace it with these three statements.  Repeat them to yourself as much as possible.  Continue to share this type of valuable information. Soon your phone will actually begin to ring.