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Customer Research

I’ve been immersed in customer service books lately as research for my new book, In Search of Customers, coming out later this year.

Taking care of customers has always been important to me.  When I was at Starbucks, my job was to take care of my clearly defined internal and external customers. As I started my business this became even more important.   With all there is to do as a business owner, I admit sometimes it’s overwhelming.

Want More For Your Customer

That is until I read this quote in several places, “Want More For Your Customer Than You Do For Yourself” (my paraphrased version). Things suddenly fell into place.

Your customer is your business.  I used to say, they pay your paycheck.  It’s not enough to provide your product or service.  You need to care down to your bones about them and how they use your product or service.  What has their experience been?  Where are they challenged?  Where are they extremely satisfied?

Caring Is…

Caring is hard to scale.  That’s your competitive advantage.

Caring is doing one extra small unexpected thing. It will make you stand out.  One of my peers calls it “Plus One.”

Caring is knowing about your customers.  Big brands can’t do that.

Caring is interacting with your customers.  Not just shipping and forgetting.

People don’t want to be a number.  They want to feel valued.  That doesn’t mean adding them to your email list or sending them endless sale emails.  That is caring more about you than about them.

Start Today

Instead start learning about, talking to and getting to know your customers beyond the sale.  Finding out more about them allows you to naturally offer help and assistance where they need it, not what you want to sell.

I am increasing the level of my customer care.  How about you?  I’d love to hear your best customer service story.  Email me and I might use it in my book.

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