Where Do Your Customers Hang Out?


Which Social Media Channel is Best?

There are a bazillion inbound marketing channels.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused which one’s to use.  One of the biggest questions I get when facilitating social media classes is, “Which is the best site for (fill in the business) to use?”  My answer, “It depends.”

It depends what platform you feel most comfortable using.  It also depends where your customers hang out.  Think about it.  Even if you love to use Twitter, but your customers doesn’t use Twitter, you can’t grow your business.  On the flip side if you are a younger professional, you may find you can create new customers on Facebook where your boss who is 30 years older can’t.

How to Figure Out Where Your Customers Hang Out

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Ask your current customers.  Find out what platforms your current customers are using and for what.  Find out how they use the internet.
  2. Do a survey.  Send out a survey to your past and current customers on their online preferences, especially how they like to interact with companies.  You can also ask potential customers who call in for information about your company what platforms they use or how they heard about you.
  3. Check out current and past customer’s online profiles.  If you have difficulty contacting your customers, see if you can check them out on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Twitter.  By checking out their profiles or following their tweets you may find patterns on how they use the platforms.
  4. Check out local magazines.  This was a gold mine for me.  Get a couple magazines your customers would read.  Again if you aren’t sure what those would be, ask current customers.  Then scrutinize the articles and the ads.  The magazine has done the heavy lifting for you by researching reader behavior.  If readers of this magazine are the same as your customers, BINGO.
  5. Watch tv.  Don’t just mindlessly watch TV.  Instead choose a program your ideal customer would watch.  Then during the show monitor the online activity.
  6. Ask at networking events.  Don’t know what to talk about at a networking event?  Use this as a conversation starter, especially if you are talking to a person who meets your customer profile.

The Clues Are Every Where

With Facebook skewing older and Twitter skewing younger, trying to guess where your customers are hanging out online can be frustrating.  Instead engage people online and offline.  Pay attention to what people are doing. The clues are all around you.

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